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They both bear a great resemblance, however in 360 you have the option of changing the chair without moving the baby, whereas in the regular you have to remove the baby in order to change the chair's direction, in addition the regular is easier to fold.
For 360 the joints contain plastic to ease the rotation of the cart whereas the regular does not hold any plastic but contains aluminum and magnesium, therefore there is only one color for the breaks.
No, they are exclusively sold on Kidzokidzette all over the UAE. We used to sell it on Mumzworld and Spri but we removed it, since the orders were plenty on our website and we preferred to sell it ourselves. We have them only on amazon.
0-4 years من صفر إلى ٤ سنوات
The breaks with the oval chair 13.5 KG
Hot mom's is a high quality product with an excellent price compared to Mima
No because they come as a set from the brand.
Yes for a year on all manufacturing damages.
You may exchange in a 14 days duration, where the cart is not used and is intact as it was received in the box.
We are an online store but we have warehouses where you are welcome to visit and examine the products.
Definitely yes, because kidzokidzette is the exclusive agent in UAE
yes it is sold all over the continents
on our website, on instagram and on whatsapp
In a year and half no complaints were received about the oval chair being peeled off, noting that the bed is softer in texture than the oval chair.
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