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Trendy MOM (Terra: Dark Brown Color)

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Diaper bag are just essential for a mama as a great stroller is, a baby bag that looks trendy and functional is a must-have for a stylish mum!
Our bag is elegantly stylish and functional, and spacious featuring an angular shape and trim design and has many pockets for your day out.
Nothing has been spared in quality; our workmanship is excellent and all our fabrics are exquisite and understated.
Each inch and feature of the bag was designed to make your life much easier.
Feel elegant and enjoy your newborn!
We choose a false leather inspired by rich vintage leather, with a real color dimension and a leather veins which will withstand dust and dirt.
High quality and long-lasting vegan leather.

The stylish design of the bag is sophisticated and fashionable with easily organized space.
The top-leader feature enables greater visibility of the interiors.


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